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What should I expect???

    The purpose of this page to help people who are new to Jeff's blanks understand what I am supplying.  Let's face it, a lot of stampers or crafters who use blanks cringe when it comes time to open their newly arrived package.  They simply don't know what is going to be waiting inside the box and the metal has a different look every order.  Believe me, I understand the feeling and it's why I have put the time and effort into putting together what I believe is a better product that will be more consistent.

    Here at Jeff's Blanks, we take every sheet that comes in our door and put it through a finishing process that makes everything look the same.  Doesn't matter how bright or how dark the sheet is.  We strive to put the same finish on everything.  The following picture is just a small sample of the product we receive and what the end result is.  On the right you have a raw piece of aluminum the way we receive it.  It has streaks, scuffing, and scratches.  As for the color, you never know what is coming from the mill.  We have had darker sheet and we have also had brighter sheet.  The mill doesn't care what the sheet looks like and will be happy to tell you as much.  Now the sheet on the left is what any of the aluminum sheet we receive looks like after our finishing process.  It has a uniform color with all of the streaking and discolorations gone.  Exactly what we're trying to provide each and every time.  There aren't many suppliers out there who can say that!  Not happy with a bright shiny finish?  Not a problem, the metal will easily accept a scotchbrite or steel wool finish and either finish will look great as our finishing process has given you a great surface to work with.

Aluminum sheet finish examples
After our finishing process!  -  Before Our finishing process!

    Your next question is going to be, "How do you protect the finish?"  That depends on the process used for cutting the blank.  The majority of our round blanks are punched and they will will have a high grade blue PE film applied to the face.  Most of the shaped pieces we offer are laser cut right here in our shop and then packaged in small poly sleeves to protect the blank from scratches.  We know that the film is very important to some customers but unfortunately the laser cutting process is not very friendly to a protective film.  All of our Etsy listings indicated the method used for cutting the blank so you will have an idea of what to expect for each blank.

Blanks with a good quality film applied!

    A word about the edges and what to expect.  Many of our round blanks are made by the age old process of using matching punches and dies in a press.  When done properly the process will leave you with a flat blank that has a very small burr on the back edge.  Our blanks are constantly inspected during the punching process and adjustments are made to keep the burr edge at a minimum.  Once again, we are not trusting somebody else to get it right.  It's all done right here by us.  Regardless of how hard we try, there is a small amount of cleanup to be done on the back edge to assure it is burr free.  The shapes are cut using a state of the art laser cutter.  It leaves a very square cut on the edge of the blank that has a very uniform look and also requires a small amount of clean up on the back edge.

    Shipping time is another issue that I am trying to keep at a minimum.  Some suppliers can take weeks to ship even the smallest of orders but most of our orders will ship the next day as I am trying hard to keep adequate inventory on hand and ready to ship.  Granted, that is very difficult with large orders and during certain times of the year but you can trust I am doing my very best to get things to you as quickly as possible.

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Questions???  Email us