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1 1/4" Offset Aluminum Washers (3/4" I.D.)
At Jeff's Blanks, we take a lot of pride in the surface quality of our blanks.  Punched from commercially pure 1100 aluminum sheet, all of our blanks come from carefully inspected sheet that we then apply PE film to the face of.  Others trust their suppliers to apply the film for them and trust there is not damage to the face of the sheet.  Not Jeff's Blanks.  The film is applied here by us to avoid surprises.  We put a great deal of effort and work into providing you with a good quality blank at a very reasonable price.

Offset Aluminum Stamping Washer

1 1/4" Offset Aluminum Washers (18 ga, 0.040" thick) (polished)

1 1/4" Offset Aluminum Washers (14 ga, 0.063" thick) (polished)

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Questions???  Email us